Essential Theology – Lesson 03

God can be known by His attributes. In this lesson, Pastor Scott Craig of Landmark Community Church Rapid City, identifies some of the characteristics of God.

Review from Lesson 02:

Doctrine of God
1) The Existence of God (vs Atheism)
a) Assumed by the Scriptures
b) Universal Belief in the Existence of God

Humankind everywhere has a belief in the supreme being(s) to whom they are morally responsible The one they must make up to for all the bad they have committed. It is an inate sense thoughout all humanity.

2) Cosmological (all life is the cause of an effect)
When we see a thing we, naturally, ask for the “cause” of that thing. Is it self generating or is it’s existence a result of some external cause. Humankind is an effect, we did not always exist.

3) Ontological -the study of existence; the argument from being. How does an imperfect mind know it is imperfect?

4) Anthropological. Universal belief in right and wrong and accountability.

5) Argument from Congruity: “God is the key (answer) that fits every door (argument). A quality of agreement and appropriateness. Where things clearly line up or agree.

6) Argument from Scripture: of other people. The testimony of the people of the Bible and answers to Jewish prophecy is solid testimony.

-Design Teleological proves a thing exists for a purpose by a designing mind.


Nature of God (the description of God)

= God is Spirit

The personality of GOD identified by His names
= God repents
= God grieves
= God is angry
= God is jealous
= God loves
= God hates
God possesses the attributes of personality, and therefore is a Person.

Activity of God
= God creates
= God sustains and steers what He creates

The Unity of God
= God is a Triune Being
Three persons of God in O.T.
Plural name of God; Elohim
Personal pronouns used by God
Jesus as the “Angel of the Lord”
Work of the Holy Spirit

Three persons of God in N.T.
Baptisim of Jesus; all three appear
Baptismal Command
Apostle’s Benediction
Christ Himself teaches

A Father who is God
A Son who is God
A Holy Spirit who is God

The gifts ‘same Spirit, same Lord, same God’ 1 Cor 12:4-6