Behind The Curtain – Joseph Backholm and Norman-Woods

Joseph Backholm
Joseph Backholm
Senior Fellow for Biblical Worldview and Strategic Engagement, FRC

Behind the Curtain – The Fight for Fairness in Womens Sports

Matt Sharp Alliance Defending Freedom

Norman Woods Family Heritage Alliance

Mark Miller General Counsel to Gov. Noem

Behind the Curtain – John Cass, Billy Graham Evangelical Association

John Cass, BGEA

John Cass, Executive Director Celebrations, Evangelism & Training
Billy Graham Evangelical Association

Major Stephen C. Caughlin on Maoist Insurgency

This is a 90 minute EYE-OPENING presentation by U.S. Intelligence Officer Major Stephen C. Coughlin where he provides strategic understanding of the Left’s campaigns against America (i.e. Presidential Election, Covid crisis, media). At their core, these campaigns are dialectically driven by Neo-Marxists both inside and outside the U.S. You will get a clearer understanding of their tactics, and what to brace for in the immediate future.

Behind the Curtain – Charles Mizrahi, Wall Street Legend

Behind the Curtain – Henry and Darlene Matarrita, Missionaries to Israel

Behind the Curtain – Buck n’ Bronco

Behind the Curtain – Williiam Federer in Studio

William Federer

Behind the Curtain – Pastor Dana Coverstone the coming troubles for America

Pastor Dana Coverstone

Pastor Dana Coverstone

Behind the Curtain – William Federer on Anarchy and Socialism in America

William Federer

Behind the Curtain – U.S. Rep. Dusty Johnson

Dusty Johnson

U.S. Representative Dusty Johnson

Behind the Curtain – Rick Green – Know Your Rights

Rick Green, the “Constitution Coach”, in Connection with Liberty Counsel, First Liberty, Pacific Justice Institute, and Alliance Defending Freedom created an initiative¬†offering Americans education on Rights Guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution when faced with Challenges from Federal, State, and Local authorities due to COVID-19.