Essential Theology – Lesson 12

One of the main points in Lesson 11 was the Nine Eras of the Bible. In this lesson, Pastor Scott Craig unpacks the Exodus era. This is a lengthy lesson but well worth the attention.

=== The Exodus Era ===
Old Testament Overview
The Master’s Program Pastor
Scott W. Craig

The Exodus Era (contained in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy) Tonight: Exodus 1-12

The remaining four books of the Pentateuch record the Exodus Era (“departure”), which was the mass movement of the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt, where they were aliens for 400 years, just as God told Abraham in Genesis 15:12-16.

God used Israel’s experiences in Egypt to prepare them for the special tasks He gave them to accomplish on earth: bearing witness to the Living God, writing the Holy Scriptures, and bringing the Savior into the World. The dominant lesson throughout the Exodus Era is that deliverance is essential and it points to the overarching truth that humankind in the bondage of sin needs the intervention of God to set him free. Exodus is filled with ‘types’ of Christ that were to prepare the Israelites to understand their need for a Savior Who must come in physical form, pay for their sins while providing safety from death by His blood.

There are four major events in the Exodus Era:
1. Deliverance (Exodus 1-18) The terrible and long suffering of the Jewish people begins. No race in the history of the earth has suffered like the Jews.

2. The Law (Exodus 19-Numbers12) From the Reed Sea they travel to Arabia and camp at Mt. Sinai where they receive God’s commandments at Mt. Sinai. Moses meets with God alone and gives Moses stone tablets and the full revelation of the Law which is to govern Israel’s national life as well as their relationship to God (Leviticus). God promises to bless Israel abundantly for obedience and curse her terribly for disobedience.

3. Kadesh Barnea (Numbers 13-20) They leave Mt. Sinai and head toward Kahesh Barnea, an Oasis, and the Southern gateway into the Promised Land. 12 spies are sent in and return with good news and bad news: the land is just as God said it was, but the Canaanites are giants. God said, “you can take it”, but 10 of the 12 said, “no we can’t”. The people believe the majority report which is almost always wrong when it comes to God-sized assignments.

4. 40 Years of Wandering (Numbers 20-Dueteronomy) Everyone who was 21 years old and up at the time of the first approach into the Promised Land die during the 40 years of wandering. A new generation comes to leadership which is willing to follow their leaders into the land. Moses leads them to the north of the Dead Sea near Jericho, the eastern gateway to the Promised Land. Moses encourages the people, gives them additional instructions (Deuteronomy), names Joshua as his successor, and dies.

Links: https://joelstrumpet.com/live-from-the-real-mount-sinai-in-saudi-arabia-the-underground-with-joel-richardson-90/ or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ZYsJEI42uI published May 7, 2018