Behind the Curtain – Lee Strobel, Guest – A Case for Miracles

Lee Strobel
Lee Strobel is an American Christian author and a former investigative journalist.

Behind the Curtain – Erick Goss of Minno

Erick Goss
Erick Goss – CEO and Founder of Minno

Behind the Curtain – Representative Dusty Johnson – The New Pilgrims

Dusty Johnwon
Representative Dusty Johnson

Behind the Curtain – Brad Johnson President of AIR

Brad Johnson

Brad Johnson,
Former top tier CIA Officer and current president of Americans for Intelligence Reform

Behind the Curtain – Impeachment Shenanigans

Behind the Curtain – FRC’s Ken Blackwell and J.C. Church

Ken Blackwell
Ken Blackwell, Family Research Council,
Senior Fellow for Human Rights and Constitutional Governance

JC Church
J. C. Church, Founder, Watchmen on the Wall and Senior Pastor, Victory in Truth Ministries

Behind the Curtain – Abu Bakr Impeachment – Arielle Del Turco on China

Behind the Curtain – Jezebels War, part 2 with Wagner and Rhodes

Behind the Curtain – Dr. Michael Brown, Amy Wagner, Tony Rhodes on Jezebel

Author of Jezebel’s War with America.

Elder Tony Rhodes

Elder – Landmark Community Church

Amy Wagner

South Dakota State Coordinator for the National Day of Prayer.

Behind the Curtain – Invading Syria Grace for Guyger

Behind the Curtain – Kathy Branzell, President National Day of Prayer with Amy Wagner

Kathy Branzell, National Day of PrayerKathy Branzell, President – National Day of Prayer

Amy Wagner Amy Wagner, South Dakota State Chairman for the National Day of Prayer.

Behind the Curtain – Erik Corcoran and Norman Woods

Erik Corcoran
Erik Corcoran – Coalitions Director, Palmetto Family Council

Norman Woods
Norman Woods – Executive Director, Family Heritage Alliance