Sherie Brost

Sherie BrostI am Sherie Brost, married to my best friend, Mark. He helps me to stay focused on The Lord God Almighty. A mighty prayer warrior he is. We have 4 grown children and 3 grandsons. I’ve walked with Lord since he saved me. I desire to do His will; loving His people, and sharing the good news with any I come across in this life.

I have lead women’s Bible studies and prayer groups. I am a grateful member of the Black Hills National Day of Prayer Team. Mark and I have assisted in Life INC classes; focusing on the kids while parents take classes. I have been on the community-wide Faith and Hope Community Prayer Breakfast Team since it began after completing the Convoy of Hope Project. I also served as a chaplain for the Decision America tour with Franklin Graham in 2016. I teach Sunday school at Landmark and share with the children that a relationship with the Lord is visiting with Him, learning about Him and learning that through our communication with Him, He interacts with us. I also teach them that by studying His word we can become ambassadors for and to The King of Kings, and that we can rest on the Lord of Lords in every circumstance. For He is for us!!! Not against us!!!