Craig Ericks

Craig EricksMarried to Patti Ericks, with 3 kids and 7 grandkids.

Raised by Christian mother. Made public declaration of my faith in Christ at 10 years of age and baptized in a Baptist church.

Insurance agent/broker health and life, Board member of Pennington County GOP, FHA action board member, Board of Elders BHCCC, Patron level member NRA, Candidate for District 32 SD House 2017.

I am a Bible believing, God fearing, gun packing, capitalistic, freedom loving, patriotic republican, pro-life conservative Christian American. I hunt, fish, and love to attend conservative events like CPAC, NRA annual meetings, and BHCCC. I am passionate about stirring the Christian community ie the church to let the light of Christ shine in the public square and get active about making a difference by influencing our culture to a Biblical World View, believing the Holy Spirit empowers me and leads me in that endeavor.