Essential Theology – Lesson 02

Part two of the Essential Theology Series led by Pastor Scott Craig, Landmark Community Church, Rapid City, SD

Members of the Argument for God “Bundle”

-A Universal Belief in the Existence of God
Humankind everywhere has a belief in the supreme being(s) to whom they are morally responsible The one they must make up to for all the bad they have committed. It is an inate sense thoughout all humanity. Keep Reeding

Essential Theology – Lesson 01

Pastor Scott Craig explains what a theologian is and why how it applies to of us.

Theology is the study of God. [Greek theologia (θεολογία) which derived from Τheos (Θεός), meaning “God”, and -logia (-λογία),meaning “utterances, sayings, or oracles” (a word related to logos [λόγος], meaning “word, discourse, account, or reasoning”) ]

Doctrine is the outcome of theology. After you have studied something about God, you arive at a conclusion about God and His ways, His character, and such, and that conclusion is called a doctrine. Keep Reeding